Put the Spotlight on Local Businesses With a One-of-a-Kind Program That Delights Your Community

(without spending tons of hours or money) 

MyTownMission is a multi-day marketing program that uses the fun of a game to focus the community’s attention on local businesses. With our help, business owners pool their resources to create a lasting, memorable connection with local residents that would be impossible to do on their own.

Break Through the Marketing Noise

MyTownMission wraps your marketing into an exciting online adventure customized specifically for your local community. With our engaging format, you get multiple days of exposure for less than  it typically costs to run a one-day newspaper ad.  In fact, there is no other marketing platform available that gives as much exposure as MyTownMission does for the investment.

The best part is that myTownMission flips interruptive marketing on its head.  Rather than someone stumbling across your business, they are actively seeking to interact with local businesses over an extended period of time within the game.  That’s a breakthrough. 

MyTownMission is an innovative opportunity for business owners to market their businesses and learn strategies that will improve ALL of their marketing efforts. It works for all types of businesses including – retail, service, B2B and home-based businesses.  Don’t miss your chance to be on the cutting edge. 

Here’s how it works…


As soon as a group of businesses decide to host a Mission, our experts go to work.  We use the stories, products, testimonials and locations of the businesses and wrap them into an online “virtual” mystery that takes place over 10 days. 


Community members play by “visiting”  businesses in the online game every day. At each “stop” they’ll learn something new about the participating businesses and answer a trivia-style question that enables them to continue. When they visit the last business of the day, they unlock a secret code word and are eligible to win a daily prize bundle.


They also unlock exclusive daily deals. At the end of the Mission, participants have a chance to unscramble all the code words, solve the mystery and enter to win a GRAND prize.


It’s a Win-Win-Win!

Businesses pool their marketing dollars to get massive exposure, all while creating a unique experience for their community.

The community is engaged in a novel way that creates a sense of belonging and loyalty to the businesses.

Business organizations (or individual leaders) have the opportunity to earn referral bonus with almost no effort.

Events and meetings are an effective way for members of a business organization to meet each other, but they don’t necessarily lead to exposure in the local community.  Plus it takes time and effort to recruit volunteers, wrangle sponsorships and sell tickets. (That’s even if you CAN hold an event.)

Now, you have a unique way to grow reach, reputation and revenue…at a reasonable investment and a small amount of effort.

Make It a No-Brainer

Organizations or individuals who want to get business owners together to host a Mission receive our “Mission Possible” Kit with materials that explain the program and get others to join.

Create Long Term Buzz

We’ll use Facebook and Instagram to announce the Mission starting 10 days before it begins. Promotion continues for another 12 days, meaning that everyone gets exposure for more than 20 days in a row.

Get Exclusive Rights

Once you join, we will not partner with another  organization within a protected territory during your active Mission. That means you get exclusive rights during that time and won’t be competing against another organization. Get in early to reserve your spot. We run a limited number of Missions in each location and nationwide.

Onboard with Ease

Businesses who join receive instant access to our exclusive online portal. Here they find all the resources and strategies they need to get the most value out of the Mission, including strategies they can use to improve their marketing even after the Mission ends. 

Keep Them Coming Back

The fun of the hunt, opportunities to win daily prizes, open story loops, and email reminders keep participants coming back each day. Community members can join at any time  and go back to grab clues from days they may have missed. 

Endless Opportunities

A growing email list is gold for local businesses. Every business receives an email list of the local community members who played so they can continue nurturing those leads and making more sales. We even provide ideas about how to make the most of the list.


A Massive Return on Investment for Your Business

Joining the Mission entitles the business owner to…

  • a featured spot in the game ($500 value)
  • inclusion in the digital business directory with links to their website and contact information ($250 value)
  • 22-day Facebook & Instagram ad campaign designed to recruit and engage community members (campaign design, creatives, management, optimization and ad spend) ($2500 value)
  • A 10-day email campaign during the Mission, reminding community members to play the game and highlighting the businesses of the day. ($1500)
  • Done-for-you email campaign to invite your customers to join the Mission and spread the word ($450)
  • “Swipe files” – 6 done-for-you social media posts and images for businesses to use on their social media accounts and a professionally designed flyer for display in their locations ($300 value)
  • Phone and email list of community participants, plus coaching on how best to follow up with them after the Mission ends ($250+ value)
  • Access to our exclusive online portal where they’ll find the videos, swipe files, and extra resources they need to make the most of their participation all in one place.
  • Goodwill earned from the community (priceless)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS:  Instant access to our mini-course “How to Make an Irresistible Offer Without Devaluing Your Business” – to help them think outside the box when it comes to crafting their irresistable offer for the Mission ($197 value)

That’s over $5750 in value. However the investment to join the Mission is just a fraction of that.

Each business invests $500 plus a prize valued at $50 or more. (Pro tip: Businesses can team up to provide a prize, but the value must be $50 or more per business.)

Remember that the magic of myTownMission is the ability for businesses to come together to host an exciting adventure for their community. By leveraging their marketing dollars, each business gets more exposure, more strategy, and access to professional email and social media marketing campaigns than they could ever get working alone.


A Massive Return on Investment for Your Business Organization

Joining the Mission entitles a business organization to…

  •  exclusive access to host a Mission within a protected territory ($500 value)
  • a featured spot in the game ($500 value)
  • inclusion in the digital business directory with links to the organization’s website and contact information ($250 value)
  • A “Mission Possible” Kit so you can recruit your Members into the Mission almost effortlessly (leaving more time for you to focus on growth activities for your organization).
    • Done-for-you email campaign to invite your members to join the Mission and spread the word ($450 value)
    • Done-for-you email campaign (recruitment tool) to send to prospects to invite them to join your organization and participate in the Mission ($450 value)
    • Swipe files (6 social media posts & images for your business’s social media pages) + professionally designed flyer for display at your location ($300 value)
  • “Hands-off” onboarding process. Your members get exclusive access to our online portal where they will find all the resources they need to participate, plus access to our team to answer their questions ($750 value)
  • Phone and email list of community participants, plus coaching on how best to follow up with them after the Mission ends ($250+ value)
  • Access to our Mission platform and technology to host the game ($2500 value)
  • Legal documents including privacy policy, terms & conditions and official rules provided ($2500 value)
  • A Grand Prize for your community ($500 value)
  • Goodwill earned from your community (priceless)

That’s over $8900 in value.

But the biggest benefit for organizations is that myTownMission is a one-of-a-kind retention and recruitment tool for your business organization.

Nowhere else will you find a program that gets your members
in front of so many community members
in such an engaging way
over an extended period of time.

You can imagine that putting together a custom program of this kind takes a tremendous amount of work. Therefore we only allow organizations who can recruit a minimum of 30 businesses to participate.  In addition, we limit each Mission to 125 business partners to ensure that each business gets the most exposure possible. Larger organizations may choose to run multiple Missions per year so that all their businesses can participate.  Businesses can also have more than one space on the Board.

To host a Mission, a business organization reserves a Mission with a $1500 non-refundable program fee.

But the organization can quickly earn that back AND THOUSANDS MORE in referral commissions.

Once 50 members are enrolled, the organization will earn 10% on every member who joins. That means if your organization enrolls 50 members, we will send you a reward of $2500. 

When you enroll 100 members, we will send you a check for $5000.  Imagine how easy it would be to host 2 missions per year with 100 businesses each. That’s $10,000 in the organization’s coffers with almost no effort (and no strain on your membership for volunteer hours).  Can your golf tournament or Trivia Night do that?

We also give your organization or any individual who refers another organization to us a referral bonus of $750. (The bonus is issued once the referred organization hosts a Mission of 50 businesses or more.) Refer as many organizations as you like and the bonuses will stack up!

Ready to get started?

Schedule a consultation and we’ll be happy to show you how our Mission can help you accomplish yours!

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