MyTownMission was developed by the two founders of secrtSOS International, a business development company focused on helping business owners transition from being overwhelmed and burnt out to achieving their dream of a business that frees them to pursue a life they love.

The Mission is different in many ways, but one of the key differences is that business owners have an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of marketing while they participate in the Mission.  MyTownMission is a program that embodies the goals of the secrtSOS program, and we hope that it will give you a taste of what can happen when you work smarter, not harder. 


April Porter

Debbie Ward

April Porter is an accomplished attorney who dreamed of owning a business, so she invested in a franchise. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she committed to opening three locations, but left the one-week corporate training camp a little concerned. Although she walked away with a very clear understanding of how to provide the products and services of the franchise model to her customers, she still had no idea how to run a business. The company did not teach the basics of business ownership, let alone the advanced strategies that would be needed to grow and expand.

So, April got to work. She enlisted the help of several experts in marketing strategy, sales, and business growth, spending thousands on this supplemental business education.  Meanwhile, she developed a proprietary process to educate and train her employees, so that, as she opened the next location, she had people in place to run the current location exactly as if she was in two places at once.

It worked. April got so good at expansion, that she actually opened four franchise locations in less than three years, winning several awards including being named one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies in St. Louis in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The key to her success was implementing all of the processes and procedures that the Franchisor didn’t teach her, and leveraging that knowledge to turn the daily operations over to her rock star staff. Upon becoming an absentee franchise owner of four profitable locations, she began teaching other business owners to transcend to the same place.

Understanding the short-comings that franchisees face from corporate training and support, April partnered with an industry leader to create secrtSOS.

Debbie Ward is an expert in marketing strategy and digital marketing applications and has been a catalyst to the growth of both B2B and B2C businesses.

She has worked with clients across a wide variety of industries, including fitness, medical and dental, home services, publishing,  local government, local chambers, auto, garden, home, art and personal development. She currently works with one of the top transformational coaching companies in the world, optimizing their digital sales funnels.

She has been regularly featured on “Get Clients Now,” a national podcast, and has hosted both live and digital marketing workshops for local business owners. Her marketing agency, Silver Tablet Marketing, was named one of the top agencies in the St. Louis area

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