Deliver outstanding value, grow your membership & boost your bottom line.

Invite your local community on an interactive “Mission” that puts your Members in the spotlight while giving your organization a stress-free way to raise significant revenue.

It’s as easy as 1…2…3…


We partner with you to invite local residents and community members to join a free, fun, interactive Mission to discover exclusive  deals and promotions sponsored by your Members. 


Each day, Mission participants receive a reminder to check the  game board online. With the tap of a button, they reveal the business’ profile and an exclusive, time-sensitive offer. Participants are  surprised and delighted when they discover hidden opportunities to win prizes and learn about your organization and community.


At the end of the Mission, each business receives a complete list of the participants so they can continue to connect with new prospects and customers…

…and your organization receives a SIGNIFICANT BONUS CHECK!

It’s a Win-Win!

Your organization has the opportunity to earn SIGNIFICANT INCOME from MyTownMission…with much less effort than fundraising efforts that you’ve undertaken in the past.

Events are an effective way for your members to meet each other, but it takes a great deal of time and effort to recruit volunteers, wrangle sponsorships and sell tickets.

A glossy business directory is great when someone is actively looking for a specific business, but doesn’t help people discover businesses they may know nothing about. 

Now, you have a unique, affordable way to help your members grow their reach, reputation and revenue…without charging them a fortune or creating more work for your staff.

Make It a No-Brainer

Our exclusive online portal for business organizations includes everything you need to introduce the program to your members and show the benefits of joining. They’ll be so excited, you’ll have a waiting list!

Create Long Term Buzz

We’ll use organic and paid posts on your Facebook and Instagram pages to announce the Mission starting 10 days before it begins. Promotion continues for another 12 days, meaning that you and your Members get exposure for more than 20 days in a row.

Beat the Competition

Once you join, we will not partner with another  organization within a protected territory for 60 days after the end of the Mission. That means you get exclusive rights during that time and won’t be competing against another organization.

Onboard with Ease

Your Members receive instant access to their own exclusive online portal where we walk them through the steps to become a Mission Business Partner.  Here they receive marketing resources that will help them attract customers even after the Mission ends.

Play the Game

Registered participants get daily email reminders to visit the Game Board.  No matter when their offer is revealed, each business has an ongoing presence on the game board and a link to a one-page business listing with all their details.

Keep the Momentum

A growing email list is gold for local businesses. Every business receives an email list of the participants who opted in so they can continue to nurture those leads and make more sales


Real ROI for Your Efforts

Organizations charge their members a minimum fee to join the Mission as a partner. (Usually, it’s less than a sponsorship at a one-day event, with far greater reach!). However your organization may charge a higher fee, depending on what’s customary for your membership.

There must be at least 50 businesses for the Mission to run.  We limit each Mission to 150 business partners to ensure that each business gets the most exposure possible. Keep in mind that an organization can choose to run multiple Missions per year.  Businesses can also have more than one space on the Board.

Once 100 members register, your organization gets to keep a percentage of the partners’ fees.  Your organization has an opportunity to make  $3000 or more! That rivals the income from an event –  but with much less work for the organization and its members!

Then keep earning...

Once your organization officially joins us for a Mission, you are eligible to receive an unlimited number of referral bonuses.  When an organization that you refer to us completes its first Mission and enrolls 50-100 members, we’ll thank you with a $750 bonus.  When an organization that you refer to us completes its first Mission and enrolls 101 or more members, you’ll receive a $1000 bonus!  That’s a pretty great deal for simply spreading the word!     

Ready to get started?

Schedule a consultation and we’ll be happy to show you how our Mission can help you accomplish yours!

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