Webster Groves, Rock Hill & Shrewsbury!   

Wanna go on an adventure?

There’s a mystery afoot and it’s up to you and your community members to solve it!

Join us on this adventure that combines the fun of an online game with real-life opportunities. You’ll get access to EXCLUSIVE DEALS and the chance to WIN PRIZES from the amazing businesses right in Webster Groves, Rock Hill, and Shrewbury…

…all while trying to solve a fictional mystery.

There’s no special skills needed to play. All you need is a little curiosity about your community and the desire to have some fun!



SIgn Up Now

As soon as the game begins, we’ll send you a link. You can open the link from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop which means you can play any time, from anywhere.  We’ll also reveal the mystery that needs to be solved. 

Unlock Special Deals

Each day, you’ll visit the game board and turn over the spaces (with just a click!) Under each space you’re guaranteed to find an exclusive deal at a local business. Each day we’ll also reveal a clue to the mystery. Don’t miss a space! There are hidden prizes on the board too.  

Solve the Mystery & Celebrate

Once you have all the clues, take a guess at solving the mystery. Everyone who played is invited to a special event where you can turn in your guess and win even more prizes!


You don’t need any special skills to play! If you love a good mystery and can click a button, you can join! The whole game can be played on your computer, desktop or mobile phone.

Along the way you’ll discover the businesses and organizations that make your community unique. Next time you’re out and about in the community, take advantage of the special deals that you received by participating.



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