Help Detective Dodd Solve the Mystery

The 911 operator dreaded calling Detective Dodd, but he had no other choice. A crime has been committed on Main St. and he had to dispatch the police. Unfortunately, the caller was so hysterical that the operator could only make out a few details, and he was missing a crucial piece of information to pass on to the detective…where the crime occurred.

The operator learned that the victim’s name was Cathy and that she was one of 9 business owners with a storefront on Main Street.

A few minutes later, Detective Dodd parked his cruiser and studied both sides of Main Street.  There were 4 businesses on one side and 5 on the other. He grabbed one of the Tourist maps in a stand on the corner and pulled out his pencil.

Then he re-read the 911 Operator’s report.  With some thought, he knew he could figure out where the crime had taken place. Follow along and see if you can figure it out too.

To begin, go back to the game board and click on the space to the right of this one. Behind each space, you’ll  find the story of a real business in your community and a special offer just for myTownMission participants, plus the clue for today’s fictional mystery.

Tap each square to gather all the clues to help Detective Dodd. Then submit your guess on the last square to be entered to win the Prize Bundle of the Day!

Tomorrow, the game board will change and there will be a new mystery to solve, plus brand new specials from businesses in your local community.

Keep a list of all of the clues that you collect during the Mission. On the last day of the Mission, you’ll use all of them to solve an even bigger mystery and win a grand prize.

(HINT: The businesses on Main Street are labelled in the picture. You’ll find a Sandwich Shop, a Barber Shop, a Pharmacy, a Book Store, a Bakery, a Coffee Shop, a Dentist, a Candy Shop & a Supermarket)

(You can also email this deal to yourself so you don’t forget to use it)


 Local businesses are what makes your community special. The members of (host organization) have come together to host this special Mission for you.

Please visit their businesses!

100 Commerce Drive
Your Town, MO 55555
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